Have you met the Mysterious Gentleman?

**** ‘Beautifully written, magical gem of a show’ (Fairy Powered Productions)

**** Magic tricks presented on stage are astonishing (Everything Theatre)

**** A really entertaining mixture of great storytelling, acting and magic (London Theatre 1)


The original production ran for three nights at the Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham receiving a 5* review from the Gloucestershire Echo ‘From the outset, I was transfixed by a highly absorbing story that drew me inexorably in as the revelations unfolded’.

It then opened Halloween 2017 at The Courtyard Theatre, London and ran until 18th Nov 2017 receiving the reviews above. This was a co-production between writer Jarek Adams of Partners in Mischief Productions & director Kasia Różycki of Off The Cliff Theatre.

The play incorporates stage magic and explores the eternal question of what lies beyond death, told through the life story of mercurial magician JN Maskelyne.

Created with funding from Arts Council England



JN Maskelyne was known as the father of modern magic in the Victorian era, and 100 years after his death his story is still relevant. He was the Derren Brown of his day, building his career on challenging fraudulent spiritualists and charlatans as well as creating magical illusions that amazed Victorian audiences, and still astonish people today.

He was a man of contradictions, and the play explores his human desire to break through to those in the afterlife whilst clinging to his scientific belief that it was not possible. He also insisted that all he did onstage was clever illusion, whilst encouraging people to believe the myth about his powers being granted by a mysterious gentleman.